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Chad Cubberly

Therapist MSW
Advanced Rapid Detox
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About Chad Cubberly

Chad B. Cubberly received his Master of Social Work degree from Eastern Michigan University with a Concentration in Mental Health and Chemical Dependency. Chad previously received his Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University. Chad has worked with Military Veterans of all ages at the V.A. Hospital to address many types of mental illness and substance use disorders. Chad served in the United States Marine Corp during The Persian Gulf War. Chad is a member of the 52-3 District Court Sobriety Court team. Chad has a private practice in Rochester Hills Michigan as well as working with Advanced Rapid Detox at Conner Creek in Detroit Michigan.

Chad has worked extensively with clients to address issues of mental illness, substance abuse, delinquency, and disobedient behaviors. He has worked to combat the opioid crisis and the difficulties surrounding this addiction and or dependence he also works with the with families to educate them about the disease. Chad has worked with many clients who have suffered from trauma of abuse and neglect.

Chad uses a Strength-based therapy approach which is a type of positive psychotherapy and counseling that focuses more on your internal strengths and resourcefulness, and less on weaknesses, failures, and shortcomings. He also incorporates mindfulness during sessions, this may involve breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.
Chad believes that talking with a therapist or counselor can help you deal with thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, stresses, goals, past experiences, and other areas that can promote your recovery. Chad understands that talking with a therapist about personal issues can be difficult but knows it can help people to address problems they may be experiencing in their lives. It can also offer an emotional release and a sense of really being heard, understood, and supported. Chad utilizes Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavioral therapy-informed (DBT-i), Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing.

Chad seeks to bring, restoration, positive change and hope in a manner which is sensitive to the complexity of the human condition, which includes the mental, emotional, physiological, social and spiritual dimensions. Experienced in treating a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns; addiction, impulse control, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Each client has the ability to change and holds the solutions to improve motivation, adjust thinking patterns and correct detrimental behaviors. His style is collaborative, supportive, and straightforward during sessions. "I believe in challenging negative thoughts and encouraging insights allow for increased commitment to change, leading to self-improvement and successful therapy."