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safely detox in a hospital, not in some scary hotel, picture of a scary city street with swirling lights
Safely Detox in a Private Suite in the Hospital
– Not Alone in some Hotel Room!

Private Room with 24/7 Expert Medical Care!

Private Room with 24/7 Expert Medical Care!

safely sleep through your withdrawals while under sedation in the hospital - girl jumping in the air with excitment
Go Through Withdrawals While Under Sedation

Sleep through your Withdrawals!

Sleep through your Withdrawals!

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Are You Ready To Get Your Life Back?

Zero-interest Financing available!

Zero-interest Financing available!

get your life back - girl stretching on beach after opiate detox
Start Living a Better Life – Get on the Road to Recovery

Our rapid opiate detox procedure is the key!

Our rapid opiate detox procedure is the key!

We will MATCH the PRICE of ANY Rapid Detox facility –– So you can be safe for 3 days in a HOSPITAL (not a hotel)

Rapid Opiate Detox Center

advanced rapid opiate detox center

Safe Rapid Opiate Detox – Get Your Life Back!

  • The caring doctors and addiction specialists at Advanced Rapid Detox will help and work with you.
  • Your road to recovery begins here and now.
  • Since 2007, we’ve helped hundreds of people from all over the world overcome opiate addiction.
  • Contact Us 24/7 and receive a free consultation and learn more about our opiate detox treatment under sedation.
  • We'll help you beat your opiate addiction.
  • We'll help you live without depending on heroin, pain pills, Suboxone® or Methadone or the fear of the withdrawals.
  • Safe-Fast 3-Day Opiate Detox – Treatment & Recovery all occur at our State-Of-The-Art Hospital.
  • Detox while Under Sedation.
  • Recover in a Private Room.
  • Long-Term Detox related Aftercare with your treating physician
  • 0% Interest Financing offered.
  • A+ Rating from the BBB.
  • More reasons why we're considered one of the Best Rapid Detox Centers

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The Advanced Rapid Detox Advantage

Safely Detox in the Hospital

We're one of the only Rapid Drug Detox centers that is part of a Hospital. Your entire stay and recovery occurs in a private room in our Hospital.

24/7 Care

During your stay our team of medical professionals closely monitors your condition.

Onsite Laboratory

We perform all of your tests and screening in our facility. Results are fast and accurate.

Caring Staff

Our caring team of professionals gently helps you succeed. We're always near your side.

Rest as you Detox

You will be placed under light sedation while your body and brain comfortably and safely detox.


We have professional mental health providers on Staff. If you need anything, we've got you covered.

Private Room

Each patient has their own private room & bathroom. A guest is welcomed to join you.

After Care Treatment

We pride ourselves on providing Long-Term Detox related Aftercare with your treating physician

Our Story

Dr. Julia Aharonov

dr. j. aharonov

Advanced Rapid Detox is part of Pontiac General Hospital, located in Oakland County in Pontiac Michigan. Dr. Julia Aharonov is the lead anesthesiologist and medical doctor, and she's also the CEO.

Over the years, Dr. Aharonov has developed a safe and effective method of rapid opiate detoxification.  Her procedure is clinically proven as an advanced addiction treatment, safely and rapidly cleaning ALL opiates from the brain’s receptors.

The entire treatment is performed inside our hospital over a three day period, virtually eliminating cravings and withdrawals. Our patients receive the highest level of medical care. Our compassionate and highly trained medical team help us stand apart in the crowded field of 'detox clinics'.

Accommodations include a private room and bath, and a guest is welcomed to stay with the patient. Upon discharge our Vivitrol® coordinator will give you a list of providers in your area to obtain the shot every 28 days. Vivitrol® is an FDA approved addiction medication, which stops cravings.

All of our patients are provided with long-term detox related aftercare by their treating physician ensuring a better chance of success.

If you or a loved one are ready to get off of opiates, please contact us or call us at (800) 603-1813. We can help.

Opiate Detox Testimonials

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Norco Free Pennsylvania
I just got back from advanced rapid detox, wow you sleep thru those terrible withdrawals. You wake up not desiring any drugs. After treatment I was taken to my private room with a double bed to boot! I wasn't too drowsy. I wanted to walk around and talk to everyone. I made good friends with the whole crew taking care of me. And so many directors came in to talk and advise me. I really didn't want to leave that beautiful new unit. Detox was so easy, maybe some aching legs that a heating pad took care of. I'm home and just feeling occasional leg pain. Not bad at all.

Please go. If u want you'll be able to talk to me. I'm 67yrs old.
Norco Free California
Hi Laura,
It has been almost one month since I was with you and your amazing team at Advanced Rapid Detox. I traveled all the way from California with every bit of faith in your services. I did all the research. I spoke to countless people. I've read all the reviews online. I thank God I chose you all! I never thought I would see the day where opiate pills were no longer part of my life. After years of chasing them day in, day out and staying on the viscous cycle for years, I had given up all hope.

I want to personally thank you, Dr A, Ben, all the amazing nurses and, caretakers for treating me with respect, dignity and love. I spent a week away from my family and came back a completely different person. I am forever grateful for every single person there. Dr A is the best! Everyone went above and beyond and never judged me. I cry because I'm grateful. I pinch myself because I used to dream about a sober life and never thought it were possible.

I'll shout it from the roof top - ARD will give you your life back! ARD and every single person on their team truly cares about you! There were countless moments of care and love I received from so many people there.. you are all a God send!

Thank you for giving me my life back!
Fentanyl Free USA
Hi Alona,
I’ve been doing great and have stayed clean ever since the detox! I can’t believe how much better I feel and how much my life has improved. I had some insomnia and very little energy/strength for the first 3 weeks after detoxing but I’m feeling much stronger now, am exercising regularly, and have no issues falling asleep anymore.

Also, I’ve been attending counseling on a weekly basis. I occasionally get cravings but they are very mild and don’t last long (they were absolutely overwhelming and impossible to resist before detoxing). I received my second Vivitrol injection this past Monday, it has helped so much with the physical and psychological aspects of the cravings. I don’t know where I’d be without ARD and Vivitrol. If I had gone To any other type of detox/treatment and had to go through withdrawals, I am certain that I would’ve relapsed by now and would continue to have irresistible cravings.

In my opinion, rapid detox is by far the most effective and least painful way to detox from opiates and I have been telling everyone I know about it. I never once felt judged for having an addiction or for having track marks on my hands and arms, and that meant so much to me. Please let everyone at ADR know that I will forever be grateful for all the love and care they gave me. I have finally gotten my life back!!
Fentanyl Free North Carolina
Can I please have a list of all the nurses that took care of me? There was one that I can’t for the life of me remember her name but she is an angel from God. She consoled me at my weakest moment always made sure I was covered up and even massages my legs for me. None of which she was obligated to do. The whole staff is amazing but she stood out.

It’s so crazy down here I’m a highly respected CEO of a huge company but I’d been locked in my own jail hell for 2 years. I hope and pray my mind and strength return as I feel not me right now but I’m going to give it my damnedest that’s for sure. If it wasn’t for you Laura, and your welcoming words I never would have made this decision.

God bless you and your fellow employees, you haven’t heard the last of me. I will be starting a foundation that will pay the expenses for people who just don’t have a way out. I would like to talk more about it in the future with doc, you and Ben on how to go about this. I’m lucky that I've been very very successful at a young age and can afford this. There are just so many people trapped because they don’t have the means and I want to help people get off this wicked ride.
Oxycodone Free Texas
Hey Laura,
I’m doing really really well! I went back to work on Monday and am feeling great. I have been having a little bit of trouble sleeping but other than that I feel amazing. So happy to have that monkey off my back!!!!! This Vivitrol is so amazing, I barely ever get cravings and I’m so thankful for it!

Your program saved my life and I’ll forever be grateful! I have told so many people about your program and about Vivitrol. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and all the wonderful staff. Everyone was amazing and so caring. I cannot thank you all enough!!!
Oxycodone Free Florida
Advanced Rapid Detox,
I want to begin this open letter by stating that ARD is saving lives every day. The treatment they provide is bar none. The staff are all phenomenal.

I began my journey with them on Dec. 18th, where I met Ben, the clinical director, and Laura, the intake director. Both of which were extremely positive and instrumental to my success in this program. I could not be happier with how the process went. The staff were attentive, supportive, and most importantly extremely positive, where everywhere else treats addiction as a crime, as though you are a criminal. ARD treats people like the human beings we are. The outpouring of love and support from the staff is evident from the medical assistants all the way to the Anesthesiologist, Dr. Aharonov.

I am extremely grateful to them for my new life and all of the positive adventures I will be pursuing. Thank you for everything, ARD. Please, continue saving lives and doing the phenomenal work you do! A million times Thank You! Sincerely, An extremely grateful patient.
Heroin Free Maryland
Thank you everyone up there. Ya'll saved me!

I will do anything in the world for you. Everyday I wake up without drugs I cry. I swear on my son. I was the worst dope fiend drug addict you would've ever met. Now all I do is try to figure out how to save the few remaining friends I have left. This is coming from a person who used to shoot $300-$500,000 a year on heroin. I wish I would have found you all 20 years ago!

Dr. Aharonov and all of the staff there are Angels! You guys saved this old school junkie. Now I can be a daddy and help people as much as I can.
Heroin Free Ohio
I can’t thank the staff and Dr at Advanced Rapid Detox enough!!! I was addicted to Heroin and tried everything to stop, but wasn’t successful.

I spoke with the staff and set up an appt to have rapid detox done. Honestly I was scared and thought how is this going to stop me from using? However the process was painless I didn’t have any discomfort and have now been sober for over a month like I can’t tell you the last time I was sober! The after care is great they are always there for you and making sure you are on the right track. I can’t thank this team enough you changed my life I now have a full time job and wake up every morning thankful for everything they have done for me and keep doing even after treatment!

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this amazing Dr. and her team of AMAZING professionals to help you get clean and lead a healthy and sober life! Thank you Advanced Rapid Detox team!
Methadone Free Indiana
Hey Laura! I'm doing amazing! No cravings. I'm much better and back to work since my pneumonia. I feel free without the monkey on my back called methadone! Thanks for all your support and help. I have my life back and you were apart of all that!
Pain Pill Free Texas
The world needs to know about your detox. It cured me! The end of next month will be 1 year sober for me. It's nothing short of a miracle and I owe it all to you guys. I am so grateful I have my life back!
Advanced Rapid Detox is honored to share our patient's experiences with you, the detox treatment, our staff, as well as their recovery. If you'd like to share your story in order to help others, please contact us. Your words could help save someones life. Click head to read more amazing and successful Opiate Detox Testimonials

Do Your Research – Questions To Ask When Comparing Opiate Detox Facilities

Advanced Rapid Detox Schedule

color wheel image of the rapid opiate detox schedule at advanced rapid detox at pontiac general hospital in pontiac michigan

About Us

We're located in Metro Detroit inside Pontiac General Hospital. Advanced Rapid Detox is a state-of-the-art medical opiate detox center which is striving towards its commitment of providing life saving opiate detoxification services to the citizens of the State of Michigan and surrounding states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advance Rapid Opiate Detox is an elective procedure that is not covered by health insurance.
Our unique detoxification methods have been perfected by our extensive exposure to thousands of patients over years. Being one of the nation’s only rapid detox center operating out of a hospital and founded and operated by a practicing board certified physician. Patients are examined by the treating physician on a daily basis, up to and including the day of discharge. The private practice allows the medical staff to be more accessible before, during and after the procedure as opposed to a 9 to 5 job. The patient is not just a number and thus receives personal care in a private, stand alone, rapid detox only facility. The protocol is performed in an intensive care-like setting by an experienced, board-certified anesthesiologist and a board-certified addictionologist, medical doctor. It is far more personable, convenient, and confidential than any other rapid detox setting. Advanced Rapid Detox is the only rapid detox facility that limits the procedure to 7 patients per week. Several reasons why this is important: First, this allows Advanced Rapid Detox Physicians to perform one procedure at a time. Second, Advanced Rapid Detox Physicians and staff are available to care for patients on a one-on-one basis. Third, this allows individualized aftercare by a Medical Doctor based on knowledge and expertise, and not just by someone who treats the patients based on memorizing the business.
Advanced Rapid Detox treatments are safe and acceptable since they are done under light sedation, without any major invasive protocols. Furthermore, in addition to opiate detox treatments, hydration, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes are replenished by experienced physicians who perfected the Advanced Rapid Detox procedure, making our approach unique. As an added Advanced Rapid Detox safety advantage, the same treating physician that has been involved in your care all along the entire rapid detox treatment, examines you daily, until you're discharged to go home. One-on-one personal care by our board certified physicians, RN registered nurses, certified EMT paramedics and trained medical personnel is provided the entire day of the procedure. After the procedure, you’ll stay with us in the hospital for 48 more hours to rest and recover with full medical care. Anesthesia opiate detox is very effective. Patients don’t experience the withdrawal effects since they are sedated. At Advanced Rapid Detox, we will monitor and get the side effects of withdrawal symptoms to a minimum by having you go through the bulk of it under sedation and then addressing the symptoms with the appropriate medications. Also, the success rate is higher in rapid opiate detox anesthesia treatments while the dropout rate is higher in non-rapid detox methods. We have a very high patient satisfaction with our unique rapid opiate detox treatment.
Feel free to read more of our FAQs, call us (800) 603-1813 or Contact us. We're here for you!

Any Questions?

(800) 603-1813 – Contact us anytime, we're here for you

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