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Our Rapid Opiate Detox Facility

advanced rapid detox private hospital

Advanced Rapid Detox is fully equipped and staffed medical treatment center. You will remain with us for your entire detox procedure. Advanced Rapid Detox operates out of a private medical facility to keep our patients safe and comfortable. With very few credible rapid opiate detox centers around the world, we set out to make our opiate detox center the very best. Our patients come from all over the country and world for our unique rapid detox technique.

The Advanced Rapid Detox private hospital

We aspire to the highest standards of modern medicine, safety, and confidentiality. We have carefully chosen the newest state of the art medical technology and use a fully equipped modern facility in order to provide the most comprehensive care and treatment for our patients. Patients rest and recover in a private room during their stay.

advanced-rapid-detox-waiting room

Now for some Good News!

There is a safe way that you can get your life back from the day-to-day burden of addiction or dependence on opiates. Most patients say we saved their lives. We save lives through our advanced rapid opiate detoxification procedure. Our experienced medical professionals are available to give you all the help you need to get your life back on track. Now it’s up to you. We’re here to listen, help, and answer your questions.



Advanced Rapid Detox provides you with unlimited detox related aftercare by your treating physician, Dr. Aharonov and her medical team. This is one of the advantages of choosing Advanced Rapid Detox.

After completion of our 4-day detox process, our patient coordinator will supply you with a prescription for a 12 months supply of the daily oral Naltrexone tablets. Or, if you opted for the Vivitrol® injection, you’ll be supplied with a list of providers in your area to obtain the injection every 28 days.

Vivitrol® and Naltrexone are both FDA approved (non-addictive) opiate blockers that also eliminate cravings and are a critical component for long-term and sustainable sobriety.

We Applaud Your Courage. You can Do This!

If you are ready to get your life back and want to begin detoxing from opiates, there is no better time to start. Make the call now. We’re here to help you. We have many past patients who are willing to share their experiences with our rapid opiate detox treatment. If you would like to speak with a past patient, please let us know. You’re not alone. You can do this. Be sure to check out the opiate detox testimonials to read what other patients have to say. We’re only a phone call away.

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