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3 Day Rapid Heroin Detox

Get your life back with our advanced rapid heroin detox procedure! The detox procedure and your entire treatment occur inside the safety of a hospital. Heroin is actually one of the EASIEST opiates for us to detox you from. Our rapid heroin detox procedure lets you sleep through the worst of the withdrawals. All of our patients receive a FDA Approved Vivitrol® shot which eliminates the physical and psychological cravings! Even our heaviest heroin users have no desire for opiates after receiving the Vivitrol® shot. Don’t worry about your veins, we have medical experts who are accustomed to your situation. The best news is that you don’t need to clean up to come to us. Come as you are and expect to be treated with the respect you deserve for having the courage to fix the problem.

Rapid Heroin Detox Completed in 3-Days in Our Hospital

The benefits of going with our rapid heroin detox treatment:

  • You will have a fresh start in life
  • You’ll gain a sense of purpose
  • You’ll have the healthy body and mind you deserve
  • You can reconnect with your family, friends, loved ones and children
  • You will regain your self-esteem
Shaun opens up to Advanced Rapid Detox and shares his experience with our rapid opiate detoxification treatment. He got his life back after being addicted to heroin for over 19 years! His positive, can do attitude is contagious. If you're struggling with opiate addiction, please watch and be encouraged. We can help you overcome your opiate addiction. When you're ready to get your life back, please call us (800) 603-1813 or visit for more information.

Quitting Heroin Cold Turkey Rarely Works

Heroin detox on your own is extremely challenging. You’ll face numerous problems when trying to quit the drug. Tapering off is very difficult, if not possible, as you know. Let us help you with our proven and successful 3 day rapid heroin detox treatment. We can help you get the traction you need to get over the hump and free yourself from heroin.

When trying to quit heroin cold-turkey, the intense physical pain, cravings, fever, insomnia, severe depression, shakes and the physical pain of withdrawal make quitting heroin on your own nearly impossible. Relapse is common just to get relief. If you are tired of trying to quit on your own call us now. We have helped many good people like you get their lives back!

The long term effects of heroin abuse are very serious and damaging to the mind and body. We can help, when you are ready. The sooner you take action to end your addiction, the sooner you will get your life back. The steps you’ll need to take are not difficult, it all starts with a phone call. Let’s us help you get past the hardest part. Call us today and let’s work together to address the problem.

Heroin Detoxification Under Sedation

Detoxification from heroin can be achieved by putting a patient under medically monitored, IV Sedation and then administering a FDA Approved Vivitrol® shot which blocks physical dependency to heroin and cripples the intense cravings for the drug. This winning combination of treatment, combined with a patient’s strong desire to quit and their voluntary participation in ongoing addiction therapy, has provided our patients with a very high chance of overcoming their addiction to this insideous.

Heroin Health & Safety Concerns

Heroin is commonly “cut” with a wide variety of fillers to either bulk up the dealers profit or increase the potency and often both. Fentanyl is a prescription opiate that is being manufactured in illegal labs in the same places that heroin is made. There have been numerous overdose deaths associated with Fentanyl-laced heroin in the United States, as well as other countries around the world.

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