*We’ll PRICE-MATCH any comparable Rapid Opiate Detox Center

Many insurance carriers reimburse some or all of the cost. We provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company for (possible) reimbursement. We encourage patients to contact their insurance provider to inquire, as we do not participate in that process.
The first (and most important) difference is that our patients are tested, treated and recover inside of a 24 hour medical facility with round the clock care. To make sure that you receive the best care, we'll match the rate of any comparable rapid detox center to keep you safe.

Here's a comprehensive list of the advantages of going with Advanced Rapid Detox.
The Advanced Rapid Detox procedure is not for everyone. We have a very extensive pre-screening process to determine whether someone is a candidate for the procedure. We pre-screen by discussing the patients drug(s) of choice, quantity, past & present health conditions, medications, and to determine their readiness and willingness to be free from opiates.

People considering the procedure are screened during their initial call, and once an appointment is made, they are interviewed again by a Registered Nurse. If a patient is over 40, they must have a stress test in their home area prior to being approved for the procedure.

We carefully qualify our patients to get the best possible candidates and results. For the patients who fall under the proper set of parameters, it's a lifesaver.
Dr. Aharonov uses IV Sedation so that you sleep through your withdrawals. It's actually every patient's dream not to have to suffer through their withdrawals. Unlike other facilities, Dr. Aharonov does not use General Anesthesia (with intubation) as that has greater risk.

Advanced Rapid Detox is staffed by Dr. Aharonov, an Award Winning, Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Certified EMT Paramedics, Registered Nurses and trained medical personnel. After the procedure, the patient stays in their own private room with full medical care around the clock.

In addition to the sedation and Opiate Reversal, the Doctor supplements the patients with hydration, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. After the procedure, the patient also receives a Vivitrol Injection to eliminate cravings. We use Vivitrol because it is an FDA Approved Medication, unlike 'the pellet' which is made in a compound pharmacy, inserted in the groin and has a high risk of infection. Because all of the opiates have been reversed, you can get the Vivitrol shot right away.
Patients understand that they will go through the majority of their 'cold turkey' withdrawals while they are under sedation, and any post acute withdrawals will be treated with non-additive medication. We will give you those same medications to take home with you and we can call you in refills if you need them.

We also include Long Term Detox Related Aftercare, which is why Advanced Rapid Detox has such a high long-term success rate and close, long-lasting relationships with our patients and their families. Most patients tell us that "we get them through the hardest part."
No. Suboxone and Methadone are still opiates. We don't want you substituting one opiate for another. Our goal is for you to be FREE from opiates.
That's easy. Go to Vivitrol.com and enter your home zip code. There you can pull up a list of providers in your area where you can get the shot. The shot is covered by most health insurance policies and free on Medicaid/State Insurance. If you decide not to get the shot, you can take the daily Naltrexone tablets.
Yes, patients may apply for financing here.
It is very possible you can deduct it! We will provide you with a receipt. As with any tax related matter, you should consult your accountant or tax preparer to confirm.

Now for some Good News!

There is a safe way that you can get your life back from the day-to-day burden of addiction or dependence on opiates. Most patients say we saved their lives. We save lives through our advanced rapid opiate detoxification procedure. Our experienced medical professionals are available to give you all the help you need to get your life back on track. Now it’s up to you. We’re here to listen, help, and answer your questions.



Our Long-Term Detox Related Aftercare through your treating physician is one of the advantages of choosing Advanced Rapid Detox. Our board-certified doctors are available to answer any of your questions. Upon discharge, our Vivitrol® coordinator will supply you with a list of providers in your area to obtain the injection every 28 days. Vivitrol® blocks all opiates to the brain’s receptors. The Vivitrol® injections are a critical component to help ensure your sobriety. One of our patients recently said that Vivitrol® was like his “life insurance policy.” We agree. It’s that important.

We Applaud Your Courage. You can Do This!

If you are ready to get your life back and want to begin detoxing from opiates, there is no better time to start. Make the call now. We’re here to help you. We have many past patients who are willing to share their experiences with our rapid opiate detox treatment. If you would like to speak with a past patient, please let us know. You’re not alone. You can do this. Be sure to check out the opiate detox testimonials to read what other patients have to say. We’re only a phone call away.

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