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Our 3 Day Rapid Opiate Detox Hospital Based Procedure Will Help You Break Your Physical Dependency to Opiates

Our Rapid opiate detox procedudure is the key to conquering your addiction and changing your life for the better. With our advanced, thoroughly tested and proven sedation detox therapy, the opiates will be cleared from your body in the comfort and safety of a hospital. Advanced Rapid Detox has nearly a 100% success rate for our rapid opiate detox program, thanks to:

  • Our dedicated team of professionals
  • Proven procedure
  • FDA Approved Vivitrol® shot
  • Long term recovery coaching
  • Unlimited Detox related aftercare

Why wait months to detox when you could be clean in just 3 days? That’s what you will receive at Advanced Rapid Detox. We use FDA approved sedation protocols so you can safely sleep through your withdrawals.

Your Independence From Opiates Starts Here

With detox through sedation, you can conquer your addiction without the negative side effects other rehab centers put you through. That’s why 40-60% of patients in traditional detox programs relapse shortly after completing therapy. We have nearly a 100% success rate for our rapid drug detox program, which includes:

  • Medical Pre-screening With An ECG And Blood Work
  • Fully Transparent Pricing With No Hidden Fees
  • Easy Financing Solutions To Guarantee Treatment When You Need It Most
  • Constant Monitoring While You Are Under Sedation
  • 3-Day Turnaround For Rapid Drug Detox
  • Near 100% Success Rate For All Patients
  • Includes All-Inclusive 3 Night Hospital Stay

Take advantage of our many years of experience in drug addiction therapy with rapid drug detox from Advanced Rapid Detox. Start a new chapter in your life, free of opiates and free of addiction.

Our Opiate Detox is Tailor Fit For You

Our rapid drug detox therapy is customized to suit each patient individually. We will assess your current health state, pre-existing medical conditions, lifestyle, and body structure to tailor the perfect detoxification program for you. Through a series of pre-op medical screenings and consultations, we will create a fast rehabilitation solution for your opiate addiction and dependency. Your health and safety is our top priority, and we constantly monitor your progress every step of the way.

Learn How Advanced Rapid Detox Can Help You Beat This

What can rapid opiate detox do for you? Imagine a life free of opiate addiction, free of stress, free of withdrawals, and free of pain. Think about where you could be without your addiction weighing on your shoulders. With opiate detox therapy, you can take control of your life once again.
Consider the facts:

  • Drug Overdose Death Rates In America Have Tripled Since 1990
  • More Than 12 Million People Use Prescription Painkillers For Non-medicinal purposes annually
  • 1 In 20 Americans Use Opiates Recreationally Every Year
  • Approximately 20% Of Prescribers Are Responsible For 80% Of Opiate Drug Prescriptions

Are you TIRED of your addiction to pain pills, heroin, suboxone or opiates and just want your life back?

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