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Amy Simmer

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About Amy Simmer

The Coaching Relationship

I feel like the most important aspect of the relationship with a coach is to be able to have the connection that is comfortable, where you can feel completely transparent, deep, and stripped down to what creates your most authentic self. You need to feel respected and free to leave any embarrassment, shame, or any negative stigma at the door. Simultaneously, you need to feel free to show your true emotions, the weight you've carried on your shoulders for weeks, months or possibly years! I vow to listen, and will try my best to come up with a plan for you to achieve becoming the greatest adaptation of yourself you can become! I hope you will be able to feel as comfortable with me as an old shoe, a perfect fit, once we get to know each other a little, and as you discover that I will support you, respect you, encourage you, guide you, comfort you, mentor you, nurture you, reinforce you and help you discover what it is that you need to heal. You will understand what it feels like to have someone walk along beside you during this incredible, but yet so difficult, frustrating, and sometimes just plain scary, journey that we call "life." I have your back, and we can do this together!

My Passion and Accomplishments

My passion is having empathy (one of the most important aspects in any healthy relationship) and caring for people no matter what challenge the client may be facing without judgment. I especially have a personal understanding of chronic pain, multiple surgeries and procedures that have accompanied it, and ALL of the emotions that are plagued with chronic pain. I have my Master's Degree in education and counseling from the University of West Georgia. I also have a Bachelor's Degree in psychology with a minor in child and family development from Georgia Southern University. I feel my education and work experience has been my foundation as I have worked with children (whether they were referred to me because of academics, abuse, behavior, bullying, fears, etc.) parents, teachers, court systems, and people of all kinds of families, home-life situations, and their own, personal and unique struggles. I also worked with classrooms as a whole with character education and groups such as divorce, behavior and grief.

I especially feel that my personal life experience is truly what opened my eyes to what clients actually go through regarding chronic pain, the anxiety and depression and negative feelings that go along with that, the feelings of being frustrated with your own body, and the sheer anger and sorrow of not being able to be comfortable in your own skin! On top of having chronic pain, I understand the difficulty of finding the right doctors, treatment plans for your pain, and how difficult it is to find the right medication or physical therapy if needed. Additionally to those frustrations, I understand the struggle of feeling like you may be letting down your family as you may not be able to accomplish the many things you want to get done for them and experience with them, and that chronic pain can leave wondering if you could be letting down yourself because you aren't able to live your life the way you pictured it. I can help you navigate through these emotions as a coach who understands from a personal standpoint as many clients want to connect with someone who can TRULY understand them from their own past experiences; it enhances the connection! There is never any judgment, only pure hope, desire and support to get you to the destination you wish to reach and EVEN surpass...together.

I also have experience with the fine line that many chronic pain clients struggle with regarding the dependency on pain medication and addiction. Again, there is only support and empathy with me, no matter what the subject may be. So, I urge you that if you are considering coaching, please take a deep breath, leave any negative stigma about asking for help at the door, along with any shame or embarrassment, and know that I am here to support you, alleviate your stress, restore your hope in yourself, lessen your self- doubt, and soothe your soul. Together, we can figure out the path that works best for you, and that will build you up to become the truest, most vivacious, best version of yourself!