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girl struggling at work turns to opiate addiction for relief

Companies Fighting Opioid Addiction as Workplace Use Grows

Opioid addiction isn’t just found on the streets anymore. With the growth in popularity of using opioids, addiction is more prevalent than ever before in a wide variety of settings, including corporate America. In fact, research has shown that overdoses while working have increased by 32% in just one year. Another poll has found that the misuse of prescription drugs in the workplace has had an impact on over 70% of US employers. These numbers are staggering. One would think an individual using opioids in the workplace leads to immediate termination, but that is not always the case for some employers. As workplace use continues to grow, companies across the country are offering to help employees rather than fire them for their opioid addiction.

Opiate Addiction Treatment – A Second Chance for Employees

It is never too late for an individual to regroup and gain control of their life. Opioid addiction is a very dangerous disease that impacts individuals from all backgrounds. Rather than terminating an employee the minute you find out about their workplace use and adding fuel to the fire, consider a different alternative. Helping the employee seek professional care not only helps them get the help that they need to beat this addiction, but it also lets them know that people around them care about their well-being. This push from a supportive employer could be the turning point in their struggle with opioid use. With the amount of time and energy a company has put into an employee, it makes sense to help the individual seek assistance so that they’ll eventually be able to come back to work drug free. This type of last chance agreement between the employer and employee can definitely become a win-win for both parties involved.

Overcoming Opioid Addiction with Advanced Rapid Detox

At Advanced Rapid Detox, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals overcome opioid addiction since 2007. Through our proven detox while under sedation, you’ll be able to kick this addiction to the curb so that you can get back to living a drug free lifestyle where workplace use isn’t even a thought that runs through your mind. Your safe and fast 3-day opiate detox treatment will occur in our top notch hospital.

So, if you are a company looking to partner with a respected detox center when it comes to employees addicted to opioids and using drugs on the job, there’s no better team to choose than Advanced Rapid Detox. Through our detox program, we’ll help your employee(s) beat this addiction once and for all so that they can get back to being effective and efficient employees again. To learn more about how Advanced Rapid Detox can help companies that are fighting opioid addiction as workplace use grows, give us a call today at 800-603-1813 or email info@advancedrapiddetox.com.