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drug over deaths down - what does that mean?

Drug Overdose Deaths Down – Are We Finally Making Progress?

Amazingly, the number of drug overdose deaths in the United States has risen, without fail, year over year since 1990 … until now. According to figures released by the US government in July, the number of drug overdose deaths in the United States in 2018 actually fell by five percent, indicating to some that the country is finally beginning to get a grip on the opioid crisis.

Sadly, the news is not all good. This five percent dip was almost wholly due to a reduction in the number of deaths caused by prescription opioid painkillers. The number of deaths caused by other drug related overdoses, such as fentanyl and methamphetamine, continues to rise.

This Reduction in Opioid Overdoses is Good News, But the Figures Remain Far Too High

“It looks like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Dr. Andrew Kolodny, a leader in opioid research policy at Brandeis University. “There’s nothing to celebrate [though], because the death toll is still very high.”

Indeed, in 2018 there were around 47,500 overdose deaths that were attributed to opioids. This partially includes 32,000 deaths attributed to fentanyl and similar drugs, 15,000 due to heroin and 12,500 due to common prescription opioids.

A lot of people feel that this drop in the number of drug related overdoses is due to restrictions in the supply and prescription of opioid painkillers. In many states in the US limits have been placed on the amount of such painkillers that physicians are able to prescribe. In addition, law enforcement agencies have adopted policies that have successfully restricted the number of opioids entering the country that are then sold illegally.

More People Die in the US Each Year Because of Opioids Than do in Car Accidents, or by Firearms

Despite this reduction, the numbers remain alarmingly high. More people in the US die each year from opioid related overdoses than die in automobile accidents or by firearms. Opioids overdoses also far outnumber overdoses caused by cocaine (15,700) or stimulants such as meth (13,000).

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