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girl once was addicted to opiates now free thanks to medication after opioid treatment

Evidence Shows Medication After Opioid Treatment Can Help Individuals Stay Sober

The opioid crisis that has hit the United States is crippling families across the country on a daily basis. Unless we commit to doing something about this epidemic, families are going to continue to suffer the loss of loved ones due to the addiction of opioids. Research has shown that medication after opioid treatment can help individuals stay sober. At Advanced Rapid Detox, we couldn’t agree more. This is not just replacing the opioids with another medication for individuals to rely on. Instead, we focus on combining the use of medication with effective maintenance therapy to ensure that the use of the medication is effective and limited.

The Effectiveness of Medication After Opioid Treatment

At Advanced Rapid Detox, we’re not advocating that utilizing medication after opioid treatment is the only way to totally beat the opioid addiction. Every individual is different and what works for one addict may not work for another. The important fact is that individuals need options so that they have every opportunity in front of them to beat this dreadful addiction once and for all. Dealing with withdrawals after an opioid treatment program can be incredibly difficult for individuals. Using medication after this treatment can help get them through this difficult part of the recovery process so that eventually they’ll win the battle over addiction and become a contributing member of society. If you’re having extensive withdrawals, chances are that you won’t be able to focus sufficiently to get the most out of the other addiction therapy that you’re going through.

The Use of Vivitrol®

As an opioid detox center, there is nothing that makes us happier than seeing patients go through the opioid treatment and come out of the therapy with long term success. To help increase the likelihood of staying sober, our team at Advanced Rapid Detox utilizes Vivitrol® as an opiate receptor blocker. This essentially blocks drug cravings and gets rid of the pleasurable effects that these opioids provide individuals. In turn, this medicine helps patients beat their addiction. We believe that Vivitrol® should be utilized as a medication maintenance therapy after opioid treatment for at least a year. The likelihood of a relapse is highest during the first year after opioid treatment, so this medication could be the piece of the puzzle that ensures that you’ll stay sober. We couple the use of this medication with psychotherapy to strengthen our patients mentally to be able to overcome any withdrawals symptoms that they may face.

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At Advanced Rapid Detox, we strive to do everything that we can as a detox center to help fight against the opioid epidemic that has hit our country. By combining opioid treatment with the medication, Vivitrol®, our staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve a drug-free lifestyle once and for all! To learn more about the evidence behind incorporating medication after opioid treatment and how it can help individuals stay sober, pick up the phone and call our team at Advanced Rapid Detox today at (800) 603-1813 or email info@advancedrapiddetox.com.