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opioid crisis impacting poor countries

How Opioid Use is Impacting Poor Countries

At Advanced Rapid Detox, our priority is our clients here in the United States, but we feel that it is important to take notice of how opioid use is impacting poor countries around the world. This epidemic is not just happening here locally. It’s a crisis that is happening all over the world. Medication is being found in the hands of those individuals even residing in poor countries.

Global Impact of Opioid Epidemic

Studies have found that opioid abuse is at an all-time high in multiple areas ranging from India to the Middle East and even Africa. Pain is something that individuals across the globe deal with on a daily basis. The drug, Tramadol, is the primary opioid globally causing so much havoc on poor countries. Originally, this opioid was designed to help individuals achieve pain relief with a limited chance of drug abuse. Due to the limited risk of abuse, Tramadol made its way easily across the world. The Tramadol abuse has become so massive in these poor countries that many areas are asking for international assistance.

Addiction to Tramadol

Tramadol has become a daily necessity for many individuals in poor countries and beyond. In fact, many have become so reliant on this opioid that they feel like they need it as much as they do food. Poor areas, such as the state of Punjab, have been trying to regulate the use of this drug by increasing the cost, seizing counterfeit tablets and even opening treatment centers. The truth is that in some poor countries, the tramadol crisis has become even more impactful than violence and hunger. As long as Tramadol continues to be unregulated across the world, this opioid is going to negatively impact poor countries and beyond. It has been proven that Tramadol is not a safe alternative to other opioids.

Detox is Critical to Win the Fight Against Opioid Abuse

At Advanced Rapid Detox, our focus is helping individuals from all backgrounds overcome an addiction to opioids. If you or someone you love needs some help overcoming this addiction, we’re here to help! We have a highly effective rapid opiate detox option that will get you back on your feet safely. Before you know it, you’ll be able to break this addiction in just a matter of days. You will receive professional care where your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

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