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New opioid laws in michigan hopefully will make a difference

New Opioid Laws in Michigan

At the end of last year, Michigan’s legislation was faced with a choice. In 2015 alone, 1,275 people died from overdoses due to opioids and heroin. These numbers alone made Michigan the 7th highest state for opioid deaths in the United States. As this opioid crisis continued, so did its popularity among political topics. This, coupled with the Flint water crisis, had lawmakers very concerned about the safety of Michigan’s residents and their well-being. So, at the end of 2017, lawmakers in Michigan decided to make a change in the way opioids were prescribed and handled. At Advanced Rapid Detox, we are aware and up to date on all the changes your state may be going through regarding the nationwide opioid epidemic. If you are struggling with opioid abuse in Michigan, it’s important to understand the new opioid laws and then seek help. At Advanced Rapid Detox, we can greatly help.

Highlights of New Opioid Laws in Michigan

  • Overview – All prescribers must fully go over risks, dangers and benefits to a consenting adult before prescribing to a minor. The parent or guardian must also fill out a consent form.
  • Highlight Dangers – Patients must be made aware of the dangers of addiction before any opioid is prescribed by the provider. They must also understand that the delivery of controlled substances is a felony under the law.
  • Follow Up – Providers must now provide follow-up care to any patient being prescribed a controlled substance so that they can monitor the efficacy of use for their condition. If they are in a setting that cannot do this, they are referred to their primary care physician.
  • Supply Limit – Prescribers cannot exceed a 3-day supply of a controlled substance to a patient unless it is under certain extenuating circumstances.
  • Overdose Services – Anyone being treated with an opioid-related overdose must be given information in regards to substance use disorder services.
  • Cap – If a patient is being treated for acute pain, the largest supply amount that a prescriber can supply is for a 7-day period.

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At Advanced Rapid Detox, we believe in staying up to date with laws and regulations so that we can help our patients restart their lives knowing they are compliant and living the proper road to recovery. If you are struggling with opioid addiction and you have felt the effects of the new opioid laws in Michigan, it’s time to do something. At Advanced Rapid Detox, we offer rapid detox under sedation in a hospital setting so that you have access to 24/7 medical expert care. For more information about our facility or if you have more questions about the new opioid laws in Michigan, give us a call today at (800) 603-1813.