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ohio wins large settlement for opioid crisis

Ohio’s Opioid Settlement Deal Could Pave Way for Additional Compensation Across the Country

On Monday, October 21, four pharmaceutical companies and two counties in Ohio reached an agreement concerning a lawsuit brought in regards to the current opioid epidemic that grips the United States. Analysts are of the opinion that this settlement could act as a ‘benchmark’ for the 2,400 or so similar lawsuits that have been filed by regions and similar parties all across the US.

The two Ohio counties that brought the lawsuit are Cuyahoga and Summit. Both have been hit hard by the opioid crisis, and now need funding to cope with the needs of its citizens for both opioid-dependency therapy, treatment and medication.

The $260 Million Settlement Was Agreed Just Before Legal Proceedings Were Due to Commence

The four defendants in the case were the drug makers Teva Pharmaceuticals plus three large opioid distributors: AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson Corp. The settlement, which was for $260 million, was successfully negotiated and concluded just hours before the commencement of the opioid era’s initial federal lawsuit.

One of the lead attorneys for cities and counties that have partaken in a ‘multi-district litigation’ case, Joseph F. Rice, said “Hopefully, it’s a first step. We learned a lot. I think the defendants learned a lot. And I believe there are a lot of corporations involved in the opioid crisis … that recognize that it’s time for them to contact us, and let’s see if we can put everybody together and get a global settlement.”

Ohio’s Success Will Help All Other Cities and Counties in Their Quest for Financial Settlements

The settlement in Ohio could help pave the way for a clear path towards future settlements in cases brought about by public authorities against other drug companies. Parties on both sides wish to resolve matters as quickly and as painlessly as possible, as opposed to taking each of the 2,400 or so lawsuits on a case-by-case basis.

However, such a simple resolution comes with issues. There remains tensions between lawyers representing local governments and state attorney generals, and states that have been hugely affected by the opioid crisis, and those less so.

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