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wilmington area beaches where opioid crisis is rampant

Opioid Crisis Hitting The East Coast: North Carolina Town Suing Drug Makers & Distributors

Local government officials in New Hanover County, North Carolina have had enough of the opioid crisis. This coastal county which encompasses Wilmington and other small beach towns along the coast of North Carolina are contesting in a recent lawsuit that drug makers and distributors have pushed their powerful painkillers, which has in turn ultimately led to the region’s opioid crisis.

The lawsuit not only targets distributors who move the powerful drugs between manufacturers and clinicians, but the drug makers themselves as well. The county is suing massive drug companies including Watson Pharmaceuticals, Purdue Pharma as well as Johnson and Johnson.

Wilmington Area hit Especially Hard in Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic is hitting the Wilmington area especially hard. In fact, one study identifies the area as the number 1 spot for opioid abuse in the entire country.

The lawsuit was filed in US District Court and is asking the distributors and drug makers to pay for both past as well as future costs associated with the opioid epidemic. In addition, the suit asks for a fund to be established to help combat future costs and award damages that can be used for future addiction treatment, medical care as well as caring for the children who are affected by this growing epidemic.

New Hanover Joins Long List of States and Cities Suing Drug Companies

New Hanover is not alone in attempting to sue drug makers and distributors over the opioid crisis. In fact, more than 100 states and cities are currently suing drug companies, with new lawsuits popping up almost every week.

Opioid Crisis Largely Driven by a Legal Industry

While many types of narcotics are illegal, opioids are legal in many forms, which massively complicates this drug crisis. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 75% of those entering treatment due to being addicted to heroin took their first opiate from a prescription.

Drug Overdose Deaths Are a Massive Problem Across the Country

A STAT investigation estimates that 500,000 Americans could die due to opioid overdoses in the next 10 years if drastic changes are not made. The CDC estimates that each day, 91 people currently die from opioid overdoses. This devastation is not just felt by families, but by government entities as well. There are significant costs associated with emergency response, law enforcement, drug treatment services, autopsies and many other services that government agencies are forced to provide, with already dwindling budgets.

Are You Currently Struggling With an Addition to Opioids?

If you’re currently dealing with opiate addiction, understand that you’re not alone. As mentioned above, many individuals that are stuck in the throws of the opioid crisis began with a legal prescription for some type of opioid. If you’re finally ready to reclaim the life that you once had, feel free to reach out to the team at Advanced Rapid Detox today. We can be reached by phone at (800) 603-1813. Contact us if you’re interested in learning what makes our drug rehab program different than the many others available around the country.