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different locations in US dealing with different aspects of opioid crisis

Opioid Overdose Map Shows US is Fighting Epidemic on Multiple Fronts

The current opioid crisis is one that is well-documented, but recently studies have shown that the country is not just fighting opioid dependency on one front, but on four. In addition, different areas of the country are affected by different aspects of the crisis.

The four main areas of the opioid crisis as a whole are as follows:

Four Main Aspects of the Opioid Crisis


This deadly opioid is a problem in the West and Midwest, particularly in urban areas from El Paso through to Denver. The heroin issue is also the main opioid related problem throughout Texas and northwards to St. Louis and Chicago.

Prescription Opioids

When people hear about the opioid crisis, they typically think the crisis involves prescription-based painkillers. While this aspect of the crisis contributes one of the largest percentages of opioid related deaths, it is not the sole aspect and is more prevalent in some areas than others.

Such opioid related issues are most keenly felt in rural counties, where opioids have been over-prescribed to blue collar workers in order to help them cope with chronic pain. Now that opioid based painkillers are less easy to obtain from a pharmacy, those with opioid dependency issues are obtaining potentially deadly illegal alternatives.


Fentanyl is an incredibly powerful and dangerous synthetic opioid that is often mixed in with heroin and cocaine. People may even take fentanyl without realizing it (thinking they are just taking their ‘normal’ dose of heroin or other opioid) and suffer an overdose as a result.

Fentanyl is particularly prevalent in Northeastern cities as well as many areas of New Mexico and Utah.


Some areas are so blighted by the availability of opioids that there is no specific aspect of the opioid crisis that they can be defined as being most affected by. Such areas are blighted by heroin, fentanyl and prescription opioids. The states most affected by this ‘syndemic’ are Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio.

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