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Questions to Ask Before Working With a Rapid Opiate Detox Facility

Not all rapid opiate detox facilities are the same, and it’s important that you find a detox facility that’s right for you and that understands where you are on your journey to sobriety.

6 Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Seek Treatment from a Rapid Opiate Detox Facility

Here are some important questions that you may consider asking a facility before deciding to take the first step towards conquering your dependency on addictive opiates:

  1. Will my rapid detox be covered by my health insurance? Unfortunately, that is very unlikely. As you are undergoing an elective procedure, it is unlikely that you will be covered by your health insurance.
  2. Will I be able to arrange special financing for my procedure? At Advanced Rapid Detox we do have a number of special financial offerings that will help you spread the cost of your procedure. For more information, visit our financing page.
  3. Why should I use Advanced Rapid Detox for my procedure? We have successfully helped countless people over the years to claim their lives back from opiate dependency. We have perfected the techniques that we use so that the majority of our patients are successful. We also have the added luxury of our center being within a hospital.
  4. How long will I be in withdrawal following my procedure? You will not be in withdrawal at all. You will be sedated while withdrawing at our facility, and at the end of your treatment your body will have been flushed of lingering opiates. You will be given Vivitrol to help manage your cravings, following your treatment.
  5. How will I feel when I wake up after sedation? That varies per patient. Some people wake up completely refreshed, while others will feel sleepy and a little tired. Whatever your condition, we will help you manage it.
  6. How do I stop myself from seeking opiates once my treatment is complete? Your desire for opiates will have lessened considerably after your treatment, but you may experience a few cravings. We will provide you with a shot of Vivitrol, which is a non-opiate-based substance that lessens opiate cravings. We will also advise you how you can obtain future shots of Vivitrol to help you manage your cravings as you can continue your new, opiate-free life.

Reach Out to Advanced Rapid Detox with Any Additional Questions

If you have any further questions about our rapid opiate detox facility, then please contact us by phone at 800-603-1813 or use the online contact form that’s available on our website.