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workers dealing with opioid crisis

Tips for Managing Opioid Use in the Workplace

The current statistics for opioid related deaths in the United States make for pretty depressing reading. It is estimated that around 130 people die in the USA on a daily basis from opioid overdoses. That’s a pretty horrible statistic and marks a forty percent increase per year since 2013.

Opioid related overdoses are now so common that official guidelines have been published by the government run Center for Disease Control and Prevention advising business owners, employers and employees on how to manage opioid use in the workplace. Information is given on how to deal with employees who are dependent upon opioids, and how to administer the opioid overdose-reversing drug Naloxone.

Companies Need to Provide Assistance Programs for Their Employees

Companies throughout the US now offer assistance programs for employees who are struggling with their dependence upon opioid based pain medicines. Such programs typically include access to services where they can get help in order to tackle any addiction issues that face them.

If you are an employer and you feel that none of the people you employ are drug dependent, then you may have to think again. It is estimated that seven out of ten people in the US who have drug dependency issues hold down a regular job. This means there are currently 1.4 million such employees across the US. Depending on the size of your company, it is likely that some of these people work for you.

Some of the hardest hit states in the US when it comes to opioid dependency are those with high numbers of construction firms. This list includes Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland. If your business relies upon physical labor, then it is more likely that at least some of your employees have a problem.

Providing Support is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Employees

The best thing an employer can do regarding opioid addiction in the workplace is to partner with a recognized, specialty outside program. Such programs are designed to provide effective, non-judgmental help. Help includes education and counseling, as well as rehabilitation programs for those who are in direct need of help.

Other actions include the creation of support groups as well as enlisting the help of friends and family. Confidentiality is key when it comes to managing opioid use in the workplace – many people are reluctant to get help as they wish to keep their opioid dependency secret, with the fear that such a revelation may cost them their job.

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