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To Combat Opioid Crisis San Francisco Testing Safe Injection Sites to Better Protect Addicts From Overdoses

With thousands of people dying each year in California, Democrats in the state government recently proposed legislation that is extremely controversial. This new bill aims to provide a small number of safe injection sites to help combat the opioid crisis that’s plaguing San Francisco, as well as the entire country.

What are Safe Injection Sites?

Safe injection sites are government sanctioned areas where drug users can bring their own illegal drugs and inject them in a clean space where there is medical supervision to attempt to prevent deadly overdoses. Canada and Europe have been experimenting with safe injection sites for several decades, where government officials believe that lives have been saved both from overdoses, but also due to addicts getting access to drug treatment while in these safe injection sites.

These safe injection sites provide addicts with a sterile environment as well as clean needles to help prevent the spread of diseases and to attempt to keep the addicts alive until they can be admitted into some sort of treatment facility.

San Francisco Moving Ahead With Safe Injection Sites Despite Delay in Legislature

While this new California legislation has yet to be passed, San Francisco health officials recently decided to go ahead with the first safe injection sites in the U.S. by as early as July 1st, with or without the proposed legislation.

These health officials are arguing that drug addiction is so widespread and serious that it requires a vigilant response. While San Francisco is technically violating state and federal laws by opening these safe injection sites, it’s unclear whether governing bodies in the state will do anything to shut down these centers once they’re opened later this year.

At Advanced Rapid Detox We Applaud Discussions Surrounding the Hard Questions Related to Opiate Addiction in Our Country

There is no easy solution regarding fighting the massive opioid epidemic that’s ravaging communities both in California as well as all around the country. At Advanced Rapid Detox, we applaud communities around the country that are asking the tough questions, and beginning to think outside the box as far as helping to cope with a drug epidemic that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

If you’re currently dealing with an addition to opiates, it’s important to realize that we’re here for you. We’ve helped countless individuals all across the country say goodbye to the tight grip of opioids. For more information on our rapid detox under anesthesia treatment program located at Pontiac General Hospital in Pontiac, MI, give us a call today at 800-603-1813.