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shot of capitol hill where new opiate legislation was signed

Trump Signs Bill to Help Curb Opiate Addiction

In a continued effort to help fight the opioid crisis, President Trump recently signed a new law that will hopefully begin to curb the devastation that these drugs have had on families around the country.

The bill focuses on boosting research into alternative painkilling drugs that do not contain opioids and are thus not addictive, as well as boosting access to substance abuse treatment for Medicaid patients.

In addition, the administration also released partnerships with organization such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Johnson & Johnson. These partnerships will hopefully allow the private companies to offer their expertise related to improving medical records, improving education surrounding opioid addiction, drug disposal programs, and helpful ways to assist those who may be struggling with addiction.

It seems as if the current administration is taking the opioid crisis seriously because since President Trump declared it a “national emergency” more than $8 billion has been allocated to help curtail this massive worldwide epidemic.

New Drug Related Death Statistics Show Promise

New drug related death statistics released from the CDC that covered a 12 month period that ended in March, 2018 show that drug overdose deaths were down to just under 68,690 compared to around 71,000 for the previous year.

Large Drug Manufacturers Release Results That Could Point to An Alternative Painkiller

Along with the announcement by the White House, large pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Eli Lilly released results from a study of tanezumab, a drug which is an opioid free painkiller that’s being used in patients with osteoarthritis. This study revealed strong results that included a statistically significant improvement in pain and physical function as well as the patient’s view of the severity of their osteoarthritis compared to a placebo group.

Team at Advanced Rapid Detox Applaud These Efforts

At Advanced Rapid Detox, we’re convinced that additional government involvement will be helpful towards our fight to end opioid abuse. This drug problem didn’t develop overnight, and is quite complex, so it’s critical that government agencies as well as private companies are doing all they can to work together to find a solution to this difficult problem. At Advanced Rapid Detox, we’re always encouraged to see our patients committing to a life without opioids. If you yourself or a loved one is struggling due to the grips of opiate addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We can be reached by phone at 800-603-1813 or through our online contact form.