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Arkansas receiving funding for opioid crisis

5 Counties in Arkansas Receiving Money to Fight Opioid Epidemic

It has been announced that the US Department of Agriculture is going to invest just under $1 million in order to launch a program that’s designed to deal with opioid addiction in both northeast and north central Arkansas.

This region has experienced high rates of opioid related overdoses over the past few years. The program will last initially for two years and is being led by Winrock International in partnership with Ozarka College and the Medical Sciences Institute for Digital Heath and Innovation at the University of Arkansas.

USDA Initiative to Specifically Target Five ‘at risk’ Counties in Arkansas

The program will deliver preventative training, resources and education to people in five Arkansas states, namely Baxter, Izard, Fulton, Stone and Sharp.

“USDA has prioritized programs that equip rural communities to prevent opioid abuse and access treatment and recovery resources,” said the USDA state director, David Branscum. “As U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has said, the opioid epidemic knows no boundaries. It has cut through communities of all sizes and families of all socio-economic backgrounds.”

Arkansas ranks second among US states of opioid-prescription rates, and the five counties where the program is being targeted have been impacted deeply by all forms of substance dependency, and not just opioid dependency. These areas of Arkansas are particularly prone to youth substance abuse and other related risk factors.

Among the aims of the program are:

  • To educate people so that they are able to recognize opioid addiction among members of their family, their friends, their work colleagues and their neighbors
  • To offer people a gateway towards seeking help for themselves or others via dedicated treatment programs available in their local area
  • To limit the exposure of drugs, even legally prescribed ones
  • To teach people how to react and respond to an overdose incident

“We are passionate to engage in important programs to help our friends, families and neighbors access the resources they need to reach their potential,” said the president of Ozarka College, Dr. Richard Dawe. “Our role as a primary partner in this vital program, will be to develop curriculum and deliver workshops tailored to the needs of our community and this will make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.”

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