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view of ohio where opioid abuse is a large problem

$8 Million Grant Awarded in Ohio to Help Those Struggling With Opioid Abuse

Ohio has been one of the states hit hardest by the opioid epidemic. The Buckeye state recently announced an investment of $8 million over the next two years to help companies as well as unemployed workers in 16 of the hardest hit Ohio counties deal with issues related to opioid addiction.

Shocking Stats Related to Drug Overdose Deaths in Ohio

Below are just a few of the shocking statistics that are pushing increased awareness and funding related to the opioid epidemic that’s literally ravaging the entire state of Ohio.

  • As of 2007 and every year since, drug overdose deaths eclipsed deaths due to car crashes.
  • Drug overdose deaths in Ohio increased by 642% from 2000 to 2015, which is largely due to opioid related deaths.
  • Approximately 8 people die each day in the state due to a drug overdose.

Employer Support for Hiring Individuals in Recovery

One of the hardest parts of the opioid epidemic is the vicious cycle that is created when an employee is injured, then prescribed addictive opioids, which are only partially effective, causing the employee to need more, and more of the drug. This cycle often creates a scenario where an individual becomes hooked on the drugs, which aren’t really even addressing their pain in the first place. Because of this, many of these employees aren’t able to return to work and in turn lose access to their jobs.

The Ohio government is aware of these unfortunate scenarios and has identified a grant from the US Department of Labor as a mechanism to support employers who make the admirable decision to hire individuals who may be involved in recovery. Additionally, this grant also offers resources to help create an addiction services apprenticeship at Ohio community colleges and additional job training and other services for those currently in recovery.

Grant Funding by County

The following four regions will each receive $1.8 million in grant money:

  • Southwest Region: Butler, Hamilton and Clermont
  • Western Region: Clark, Preble, Montgomery, Clinton and Fayette
  • Southern Region: Adams, Brown, Ross, Scioto, Pike and Lawrence
  • Mahoning Valley Region: Trumbull and Mahoning

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