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joe biden has comprehensive opioid epidemic plan

Details About Joe Biden’s Opioid Epidemic Plan

After a shaky few weeks, Joe Biden has re-emerged to become the front runner in the Democrats’ battle to select their candidate to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States in November 2020. The former Vice President has put together the most detailed proposal on curbing the current opioid crisis when compared to plans made by his Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, and the current president.

Biden has said that he will allocate a total of $125 billion over a decade for increasing the number of programs available for people who are struggling with opioid dependency. This marked the largest funding commitment of any candidate’s 2020 campaign and will be paid for by raising the taxes paid by pharmaceutical companies on their profits.

Other proposed measures announced include:

  • Steps aimed at reducing the number of opioid prescriptions for chronic pain
  • Encouraging better care for the treatment of chronic pain that does not involve opioids
  • Reducing the flow into the country of illicit opioids and other narcotics from Mexico and China
  • Reforming the criminal justice system to prevent the incarceration for drug use alone

In the United States 2018 saw the first ever decline in the rates of drug overdose deaths in decades, but more people died of narcotic related issues in 2018 than died due to a result of gun violence or automobile accidents. The final estimate of 67,000 was still the second highest recorded total in history, behind the record figures set in 2017.

The Numbers May be Falling, but They’re not Falling Fast Enough

Despite this fall in the number of fatalities, the number of deaths down to stimulants such as meth and cocaine and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl remains on the rise.

During the Trump administration experts have said that not enough is being done to combat the opioid epidemic. Two of Trump’s anti-drugs policies – extending the death penalty to drug dealers and the construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border – have been decried by experts as being completely ineffective, in the latter case because most drugs arrive in the US via legal points of entry.

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