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michigan seeing success fighting opioid crisis

Michigan Seeing Success Fighting Opioid Abuse in the Emergency Rooms

The opiate-related death rate in the state of Michigan reached an all time high in 2017 at over two thousand tragic deaths, up from five hundred deaths in 2007. As a result, local mental health and substance abuse treatment centers are trying to reach as many patients as possible and have decided to take opioid treatment straight to local hospital emergency rooms. Many opioid users enter emergency rooms when they experience extreme withdrawal symptoms, overdose or are looking for more drugs. Offering immediate treatment and long-term support and follow-up at this important entry point is proving successful. Health care providers in Michigan see the opioid crisis firsthand and believe that intervention in emergency rooms can be extremely effective for those at highest risk for overdose, and even death.

Effective Treatment of Opioid Addiction in Michigan

Offering immediate opioid treatment options to those coming to a hospital emergency room can save lives, breaking the addiction cycle. ER physicians and staff are trained not only to administer buprenorphine to opioid abuse patients, but now they can also call agencies that specialize in addiction treatment for additional immediate support. Local agencies can respond immediately and dispatch a representative to the emergency room for assistance. This allows patients to get accurate and timely information, resources and assistance during their time of need. Meeting these patients at this entry point can break down barriers and increase the likelihood that they accept treatment instead of being discharged, leaving the hospital at high risk for another overdose. Following patients who have taken part in these services is proving that this intervention is successful and effective.

Safely Detox in a Private Medical Treatment Center

Advanced Rapid Detox operates out of a local Michigan treatment center and has been helping people from all over the country overcome their opioid addiction for more than a decade. The physicians at Advanced Rapid Detox have developed a cutting edge and successful rapid opiate detox procedure. Our Safe 3-Day Opiate Detox gives you the opportunity for both your treatment and recovery all occurring in a private medical treatment center. After the three day intensive treatment, our team will follow you with a long term detox program to ensure that you will no longer have to live with addiction to heroin, pain pills, Suboxone® or Methadone or the withdrawal symptoms that come on fast. Our staff is committed to meeting you right where you are and helping you through this process with professionalism and dignity. For more information or to speak with a member of our team, call Advanced Rapid Detox at 800-603-1813.