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north carolina startup helping fight opioid crisis

North Carolina Startup Using Technology to Tackle Opioid Epidemic

A company in North Carolina has created a unified, cloud-based platform which is being hailed as the first example of global technology that provides assisted therapy in order to address the problem of opioid abuse. The startup’s app is called opiAID and has been created by Stan Martin and David Reeser.

Of the current opioid epidemic, Reeser said “It’s an unbelievable tragedy that could have been avoided. The idea of artificial intelligence, basically we’re just taking information and we’re allowing a computer to compress that information instead of having human beings work through it. It takes out a lot of the time that it would take to get to the head of this problem and the time is the one thing we don’t have the more time that goes by that we’re not utilizing every tool that we need the more people die.”

It is Believed That the Sharing of Information is One Key to Defeating the Opioid Epidemic

It is the belief of the people behind opiAid that it is information that stands at the center of helping bring an end to the opioid crisis. The problem is, there is no central resource available for groups where organizations helping people who are suffering from opioid related problems are able to share information. It is hoped that opiAID will become that central resource.

“There are local clinics in the city of Wilmington that we currently work with,” said Reeser. “I use their data de-identified so there’s no risk to the individual whatsoever. Then I contextualize that data for key insight so I actually am doing data science inside of clinics now improving care by identifying things that people can’t see.”

Via the opiAID App Data is Collected, Tracked and Shared via the Cloud

OpiAID works in several different ways, monitoring people who are having problems with opioids and alerting them and the people who need to know if the tracking software detects that there could be a problem. It is not meant as a replacement for therapy though, but a tool for enhancing the assisted therapy that the person using the app is already likely to be in receipt of.

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