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picture of ohio skyline where opioid overdoses are on rise

Ohio Morgues Are Overflowing due to Opioid Overdoses

Across the country, opioid abuse is at an all time high. CNN recently reported that deaths from opioid overdoses across the United States were at 15,000 in 2005 and have more than doubled in just 10 short years. The state of Ohio is no exception to this growing epidemic. In 2005, deaths in Ohio from an opioid overdose were 500, rising to 2,700 in 2015. This opioid epidemic is continuing to get worse and the Ohio morgues are overflowing due to this crisis. Studies have shown that 86% of the deaths in Ohio by overdose during 2016 were all tied to an opioid of some kind. This drastic statistic shows just how dangerous these types of drugs can be. So, rather than sitting back and watching this epidemic get worse, our team at Advanced Rapid Detox has decided to do something about this issue. Specializing in opioid addiction recovery treatment, we’re committed to giving individuals in Ohio struggling with opioid abuse a second chance to avoid the reality that they could just become a statistic.

Never Give Up

The Ohio Department of Health has found that around 8 people per day die from an unintentional drug overdose. Many Ohio morgues are full of individuals who died from opioid overdoses unintentionally. This is what is so sad for the family and friends of these individuals. Before an Ohio morgue becomes a reality for you or a loved one, there is effective treatment available. Three important words, never give up, should be a phrase that someone struggling with an opioid addiction should cling to. As a division of Pontiac General Hospital, our team at Advanced Rapid Detox provides a safe environment for any individual to go through an opioid drug addiction recovery treatment. Every step of the way, our staff will provide you the support that you need to get you through this very difficult stage of life. Rather than seeing the overdose story over and over again, we strive to break this devastating cycle.

Customized Detox Program to Help Prevent Opioid Overdoses

All humans are different, so the same opioid detox program will not work effectively on every patient. With board certified doctors on staff, we’ll evaluate your overall health, hydration, deficiencies, etc., to develop a customized opioid detox program designed specifically for you. Ohio is one of the states across the United States struggling the most with the opioid epidemic and Advanced Rapid Detox is a very manageable trip away. Our opioid detox team has experience dealing with a wide range of opioids including Heroin, Oxycodone, Suboxone®, Vicodin®, Percocet, Oxycontin, etc. So, no matter what you or a loved one are struggling with, our team at Advanced Rapid Detox can help.

Rather than becoming part of one of the devastating statistics that we’ve discussed, it’s time to get your life back. At Advanced Rapid Detox, we’re an opioid addiction recovery treatment facility that can help you overcome this addiction. To learn more about our opioid treatment options, give us a call today at (800) 603-1813 or email info@advancedrapiddetox.com.