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pennsylvania company using mobile addiction clinic to combat opioid crisis

Pennsylvania Unveiling a Mobile Addiction Clinic to Cope with Opioid Epidemic

A company by the name of Positive Recovery Solutions is helping address Pennsylvania’s contribution to the US-wide opioid epidemic by supplying a mobile addiction recovery clinic. The clinic is available for those who are seeking help in their desire to recover from opioid addiction.

At the clinics, those suffering from opioid dependency can receive monthly shots of Vivitrol, which is a substance that blocks cravings for opiates and also alcohol. They can also receive behavioral counseling which is aimed at addressing the need they feel for opioids against their desire to free themselves of their dependency.

Positive Recovery Systems Was Started by Those Who Have Recovered Successfully from Dependency Issues

The mobile clinic has been set up by a group of people led by Amanda Cope, a reformed alcoholic. Cope’s mother died when she was six and even by the age of nine, Amanda was drinking vodka that she stole from her father. By the time she was 27 she was a full-fledged alcoholic.

Amanda chose to enter recovery when she was 28. “I absolutely hated who I had become,” Amanda explained. “This nurse dimmed the lights and I heard her tell the nurses, ‘guys, be quiet; that girl’s really sick in there.’ That was the first time that somebody saw me for what I was and showed me compassion and empathy. It was, to this day, the most profound moment of my life. In that moment, I said, ‘I’m going to be that for someone one day.’ “

The Mobile Addiction Recovery Clinic Receives Around 300 Referrals Each Week

Sober now for 13 years, Amanda is a registered nurse and set up Positive Recovery Solutions with her cousins, many of whom were battling opioid addiction. Her clinic takes referrals and helps around three hundred people per week.

“We firmly believe that the work of recovery comes from the behavioral health piece; the medication is meant, by our philosophy, to be a safety net,” Amanda explains. “It’s going to remove your cravings, and it’s also going to put a block in place that prevents you from successfully being able to use an opiate or alcohol. This safety net will keep this patient craving-free and blocked while they do the work of recovery, which is developing healthy coping mechanisms, changing behavior patterns and changing people, places, and things.”

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