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minneapolis reeling from opioid crisis

The Opioid Crisis Continues to Haunt Minneapolis

Despite efforts by both national and federal agencies, the opioid crisis shows no signs of abating, and that appears to be significantly true in Minneapolis. In a recent report, the police in Minneapolis issued figures that counted 65 overdoses in the area in just nine days. In better news, only one of those overdose incidents turned out to be fatal.

The period in question began on Monday, May 27th and on one day the police were asked to attend to fifteen reported overdoses. The majority of reports came from the city’s East Phillips area, and on that day the police responded to someone who’d overdosed on heroin who later died despite receiving medical care.

The MPD Has Increased Monitoring in Areas Hardest Hit by the Opioid Crisis

“The MPD (Minneapolis Police Department) has increased patrols in the high overdose areas and is continuing our ongoing partnership with the City of Minneapolis Health Department and the State of MN Health Department in raising awareness to drug overdoses,” the MPD related in a statement.

The MPS has recently taken steps to boost coordination efforts in areas where opioid-addiction is prevalent, including East Phillips. They have also recently deployed extra resources, and added an overdose coordinator to their homicide unit.

It is estimated that in the USA currently, people are more likely to die of an opioid overdose (1 in 96) than they are to be killed in a fatal automobile accident (1 in 103).

People are Urged to Report Opioid Overdose Incidents to the Police as Soon as Possible

People are being urged to contact the Minneapolis Police Department immediately if they suspect that someone they know has suffered an opioid overdose. People making such reports are protected from prosecution due to ‘Steve’s Law’, which means if someone is acting in good faith in order to acquire medical attention for someone else, they will not be charged if they were using opioids themselves at the same time.

It is thought that actual death from opioid overdoses is being reduced, thanks to the wider distribution of Narcan, which is a drug that can instantly counteract the life-threatening issues of an opioid overdose.

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