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vermont landscape where opiate tax is being considered

Vermont Lawmakers Considering Opiate Tax to Help Fund Drug Treatment

Vermont has been one of the hardest hit states when it comes to drug overdoses due to opioids. Lawmakers are currently exploring a variety of different approaches to help control this state wide epidemic, and one set of lawmakers is convinced that an opiate tax could be the answer.

What is an Opiate Tax?

An opiate tax is something that’s been proposed by several states in the U.S., but hasn’t yet been enacted. This would impose a tax on prescription opioids, where the proceeds would be used to increase drug treatment and recovery efforts, many of which are currently under funded because of the sudden increase in opioid overdoses.

Just How Bad is the Opioid Epidemic in Vermont?

In 2017, according to the Vermont Department of Health there were 101 deaths related to opioid overdoses. This was only a slight increase from 2016, which had 96 deaths due to opioids. While the number of deaths due to opioids may have slowed a bit, it’s still a huge problem that needs to be addressed with adequate awareness and funding.

Opiate Tax Could Help Increase Funding for Drug Treatment

Many small Vermont towns are having trouble keeping up with the large number of drug overdoses that are happening on a regular basis . Unfortunately budgets continue to be tight, so towns and cities around the state simply can’t always afford the increase in drug treatment resources and programs that are necessary due to the opioid crisis. Because of this, Vermont lawmakers are convinced that an opiate tax could be the answer. This way lawmakers would have access to additional resources that could be funneled into areas that are needed to help Vermont residents recover from opiate addiction.

Details of Idea Are Still in the Works

Lawmakers are still unsure of how the tax would work and how it would be levied, but it is most definitely a unique way to raise much needed revenue to deal with this statewide drug crisis. Only time will tell if the state government warms up to the idea. Governor Phil Scott has expressed negativity toward new taxes and fees, so it’s unclear if he will support the bill once it’s been officially written.

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