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ohio having major problems due to opioid crisis

What Ohio is Doing to Curb Opioid Overdoses in the Buckeye State

Ohio has one of the highest opioid-related overdose death rates in the United States. It is estimated that around 5,000 people die each year in Ohio as a result of opioid overdoses, and that the crisis costs the state up to $5 billion per year. All this awful information leads to the asking of one question: What is Ohio doing to curb the opioid crisis?

Ohio governor Mike DeWine has encouraged many measures to be taken in regards to the crisis. These measures involve the tracking of drug distribution chains, and the discouragement of the over-prescription of opioid based painkillers.

Ohio is One of a Number of States Taking Legal Action Against Painkiller Manufacturers

Ohio is currently taking legal action against Purdue Pharma, the manufacturers of OxyContin which is the biggest and most prevalent opioid based painkiller. They are also targeting McKesson, one of the leading drug distribution companies. It is the aim of Ohio (and the other 47 states that have filed similar lawsuits) to put Purdue Pharma and McKesson out of business.

As for companies in Ohio, around three out of every four US employers across the country have been affected by the opioid crisis, but less than one in five say they feel confident they are able to deal with any opioid related issues that might affect them.

“It’s time for employers to stop living in denial,” said Kathleen Herath, of Nationwide Insurance in Columbus. “Over the last six to seven years, U.S. businesses have seen a big increase in health costs due to substance abuse. Despite the trend, most are not addressing the problem.”

Companies in Ohio are Beginning to Take the Threat of the Opioid Crisis Seriously

Nationwide Insurance is just one company that is taking direct measures to hopefully curb the effects that the opioid epidemic is having on Ohio businesses. The Ohio Opioid Education Alliance was established in June 2018 in order to provide a gateway to both companies and individuals allowing them to receive help in coping with opioid dependency. Many companies – including Nationwide Insurance – has signed up with the OOEA to improve their understanding of the threat of the opioid epidemic.

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